The Humble Toilet

Tech specs

Exterior material

Magic Board
(Recycled single use plastic, collected - shredded - compressed)

Vinyl Glass
Sunroof for natural sunlight

Timber Frame

Designed to create balance


Jigsaw Puzzle Style Design
Get assemble using least of industrial fasteners.

Installation Time
15-30 minutes

Assembling Skill
No special skill required, layman with the assistance of manual can install. 


84 inches x 42 inches x 39 inches (h x w x d)


42 inches

39 inches

84 inches

170 KG / 375 lb

Commode Seats

Seat Options

  • Indian

  • Western

Sawdust Dispenser

Compost based disposal system

Utilizes Sawdust

Automatic Hand Lever System

Dispenser Capacity

20 KG​


Below the Ground
Size- 4 to 6 feet hole in the ground
Capacity - 6 to 7 months 

Above the Ground
Size - 30 Liter tank
Capacity - 3 to 4 months

Water  Usage

water required for flushing

Water Tank(Optional)
Only for cleansing purpose
Capacity - 20 Liters
Usage - 40  wash

Power Consumption

Zero power consumption
Designed to utilize sunlight to the fullest for lighting during day

At Night  lighted through Solar Powered Light