source : 7th World Water Forum

The 7th World Water Forum brought together over 40,000 visitors from 168 countries which comprised 9 heads of State, 80 government ministers and 100 official national governments delegations. Entitled ‘Water for our Future’, the 7th edition of the world’s largest event on water issues was heralded by participants as the most politically impactful ever.

The legacy the 7th World Water Forum therefore included: 

  • Moving from Solutions to Implementation

  • Bridging the Platform of Science & Technology to Water Issues

  • Ensuring a significant place for water in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The BasicShit was invited to exhibit their works and was awarded a grant of Rs 2,50,000 for taking the purpose along in the future. The founder of BasciShit, Ashwani Aggarwal presented the need of urgent attention towards the public sanitation system in streets of India

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