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We Are Making The Most Shit Here- Launching App

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

We are launching an App which can spread awareness about our cause and campaign, as well as help to the public identify locations in the streets where a urinal should be built.

The main feature of this app is to help us identify public urination ‘hotspots’ which are currently affected by lack of infrastructure required by the public but found lacking. We can then use this data to install and move our urinals at strategically relevant locations which would maximize our impact.

The second feature of this app will allow users of our app to ‘rate’ toilets they use, be it run by local government, Sulabh, or even privately owned restaurants and cafes such as Cafe Coffee Day, and so on. The following screenshot of our design shows how this can be done:

These ratings will cover areas such as hygiene, availability of clean water, child friendly, disabled friendly, as well as suitable for women’s sanitary needs as as well as suitability for the aged population.

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