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Hand Crank Shredder

Hand Crank Shredder

This Shredder is a single shaft shredder, cut plastic into small flakes of different sizes as per the requirement. This Shredder runs on both an electrical motor(for industrial operation) and hand crank (for small scale operation).

  • Tech Spec

    Dimensions : 43 W x 43 L x 44 H (CM)
    Weight (KG): 65KG (w/o motor) and 90 KG(with motor)
    Shredder Technical Specifications:
    Type - Single Shaft Shredder
    Blade width - 5 mm, 6 mm 
    Voltage - 380V
    AMP - 5.8A
    Nominal Power - 1.5 kW 
    minimum- Nominal Torque - 300 Nm 
    minimum- Output Speed±75 r/min

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