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Aiming to provide menstrual hygiene and sanitation to every woman


BasicShit collaborated with Environics Trust to install a Sanipad Kiosk in Saket, Delhi, to reach the goal of providing menstrual hygiene and sanitation to every woman. The design of the Sanipad Kiosk can be thought of as a kind of digital 'Lego.' The Sanipad versatile design created a workspace for women to develop sanitary napkins, resolving the menstrual hygiene issue in their society, and also providing them employment. As menstrual hygiene is a pressing issue in our society, the Sanipad Kiosk provides an easy and efficient solution. The structure was made using Magic Board, our construction material made from recycled single-use plastic.


Sanipad Kiosk Installation at Saket, New Delhi, in collaboration with Environics Trust.

The components of the Sanipad Kiosk come in a flatpack. They can then be assembled rapidly and easily by any able-bodied person, even if they do not have traditional construction skills. This makes it ideal for self-builders or local small and medium enterprises (SMEs). 

  • Square A barn design

  • Respects the area

  • Maximum use of space and height to have the least ground impact

  • Versatile design 

  • Manual fabrication 

  • Circular materials

  • Centralised supply chain 

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