Toilets Needed: too few, too filthy

at Farmers Protest Sites

There are over 10,000 protesting farmers camping at the Tikri Border and over 18,000 at Singhu border in Delhi and their numbers are constantly growing as the resistance remains long and arduous. Sanitation remains a major unsolved challenge which puts the farmers, especially women and senior citizens at increased health and safety risk amidst the pandemic. Hence, installation of safe, comfortable and accessible toilets is an urgent humanitarian and social justice need.

source : lallantop

source : quint


BasicShit is a collective with the goal to develop accessible toilet units from waste recycling. One dry toilet unit is made of 120kg of plastic trash equivalent to 8740 bottles and costs Rs. 60,000. Help us create treasure from trash! After successfully installing few toilets at the Singhu border, BasicShit is now going to cover both the protest sites.


Lacs of men protesting Farmers fighting with the sanitation facility available to them, the conditions of municipality toilets are such that people are avoiding them to use, so we thought of more simpler and economic design for men's toilet.

This DIY toilet is made up of oil canisters which are collected from the site langar sites where it's a trash for them after use, so we tried to take their trash and craft them as a toilet unit.

The initiative was supported by a number of new channels and organizations which really helped us to grow the number of units that we are installing and helping them site to provide better sanitation facility. there reach helped us to grow the crowdfunding platform and connected us to number or people that wanted to take a part in this initiative. 


In the meantime, our team set up camp at the Singhu site itself and started a DIY workshop to create urinals from materials sourced at the protest sites. A design using tin oil cans was finalised by incorporating the inputs of the farmers and the production is being done on site. The initiative generated a lot of interest and we received support from the farmers who dug up pits in the ground, helped with production and gave constant feedback on how to improve our designs. 


Mr Ghassa Singh
An artist full of life can dig a pit upto 10 feet and more.
"I start working when the sun rise and works until the sun set" said singh.
We are collaborating with him to install more toilets at protest sites. His skill in digging a pit is crazy that impressed us.