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Feed The Butt 

Cigarette butts are actually the most abundant form of plastic waste in the world, with about 4.5 trillion individual butts polluting our global environment.

Filters - which make up the ends or butts of the cigarette - are made of cellulose acetate, a synthetic product that is commercially derived from wood pulp. It has also been used to make magnetic tape, frames for glasses, and even the original Lego toy bricks.

BasicShit is a collective with the goal to collect the cigarette butts in AshTray making out of Plastic trash and set up a workshop where these butts would be compressed and shredded for the byproducts. This workshop will aim at providing opportunities to explore the usage of cigarette butts in industry and provide the open source file for the same.

One Ashtray unit is made of 20kgs of plastic trash equivalent to 1460 bottles.
The collected cigarette butts will be used as  a raw material for different industrial sheets which can be used inn making products.


The process of Cigarette butts making into sheet is followed :
1. Vibrator to separate the filter from tobacco and paper
2. Shredder to first cut the butts in fine particles
3. Fine particles would be inserted into a heat compression machine which will compress the fine particles and make it into a flat sheet.  


A cluster of 50 units is to be place at different regions in Delhi NCR and machinery will provide the ability to produce further and aimed at putting up 250 Ashtray Units at restaurants, clubs, CP Plazas, Central Markets, Pan shops
Total Units = 50 in phase I

                      200 Units in Phase 2

Total amount = 50 * 1500 = Rs.75,000

Shredder = Rs 40,000

Sheet Press = Rs 85,000

This campaign will crowdsource for 50 AshTrays in phase I abd 200 more ashtrys in phase II and workshop set up for the exploration of industrial usage of cigarette butts. We need your help urgently. No donation amount is too small. For details visit

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