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Urinal Cake Differences

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Pink and White mothballs are small disinfectant blocks generally found in urinals.  Those all are known as hazardous to health by inhalation that occur with fatigue, lack of appetite, restlessness, and a pale appearance to your skin . Naphthalene blocks do not dissolve in water or urine but do easily sublime into air, creating a sickly odor and anti-mould and disinfectant effect.

Many urinal blocks are now para-dichlorobenzene-free water soluble called Blues-Bio urinal cakes, which are made from surfactants which offer some active cleaning efficacy, also improve the cleaning of the pipes to remove some of the cause of odor problems. 

We Should always use Blue-Bio urinal cake.

  1. After sometime it becomes small and get stuck in the urinals.

  2. Blue Bio Bloks - No Chemical.

  3. They are extremely expensive and burden to environment.

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