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If you also believe in the creation of a circular economy, and want to stop contributing your trash to nature, please consider supporting our cause. With your help, BasicShit can continue innovating to design sanitation solutions that are sensitive to scarce resources like water. Check out ways to support below!


Support Open Urination Free Cities

Delhi suffers from a high level of open urination. Our streets and public spaces are seeping with urine. Open urination is a health hazard, as harmful gases get mixed in the air we breathe. BasicShit is on a mission to combat this issue. Using our urinals made from plastic waste recycling, we can reduce the amount of carbon emissions going into the atmosphere, and the amount of plastic trash in our environment.

One of our urinals is made from 55 kg of plastic trash, equivalent to 2,750 bottles. Come join our initiative and help us reach the collective goal of creating urine-friendly cities, impacting millions of lives while also tackling plastic waste. No donation is too small! Check out our crowdfunding campaign below, and please share!


Butt It

BasicShit is also setting out to reduce the amount of cigarette butts polluting our environment. Cigarette butts are the most abundant form of plastic waste in the world. Contrary to what many people believe, cigarette butts are not harmless. They are made from a synthetic product called cellulose acetate, a man-made plastic material that contains hundreds of toxic chemicals.

BasicShit has created ashtray units from 2kgs of recycled plastic trash, the equivalent of 100 bottles. Placing these ashtray units around the city, we can use the collected cigarette butts as raw material for our MagicBoard industrial sheets, which we then use in making products. Our Butt It Campaign aims to place 250 of these ashtray units across different regions in Delhi NCR. With your help, we can produce these ashtrays and reduce the amount of plastic waste in our environment.


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Become a monthly supporter of BasicShit on Patreon! You can choose the level of monetary support that you are comfortable with. Each tier comes with benefits like exclusive access to our internal process, discount codes, and more! 

We also love crypto :)

The whole crypto world is kinda fun, makes donations a lot more exciting!

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