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BasicShit Fellowship

Fellows work on reimagining and reforming public sanitation through sustainable practices.

BasicShit Fellowship envisages a transformative experience for the participants. The fellowship is a minimum eight week duration, during which the first four weeks are reserved for trainings, workshops, field trips, masterclasses with mentors, all meant to acquaint the fellow with the work that BasicShit does. Fellows should be available to work in-person in Delhi for at least the first four weeks. The remaining weeks of the fellowship are when fellows work independently on specific projects. Those projects can be envisioned by the fellow based on their interests within the sanitation sector, or the fellow can choose to join an existing project at BasicShit. All projects are to be outcome based, and should be executed by the end of the fellowship. 

  • Fellows work on 2-6 months long outcome based projects 

  • Fellows shall express their area of interest at the time of applying, and will be paired with the most suitable mentor accordingly. 

  • Fellows each present a project midway through their fellowship that they intend to execute by the end of their fellowship.  

  • Barter of Skills Model: 

    • Fellows can opt for a specific barter of skills with their mentors, learning one skill in exchange for work at BasicShit. 

  • Fellows get full access to BasicShit Lab, Studio, Library of Material and access to resources of partner NGOs/CSOs.


Fellows can expect to gain:

  • Increased knowledge of alternative waste management practices

  • Improved waste traceability

  • Learn ways of strengthening and innovating infrastructure associated with sanitary practices

  • Deeper understanding of urban sanitation issues

  • Understanding the logistics of a collective working in the social sector 

  • Experience executing a project in a community-centric setting


Objectives of the Fellowship:

  • Promote awareness of community-centered sanitation initiatives 

  • Through interdisciplinary collaboration, increase knowledge production and innovation in public sanitation

  • Create solutions that build a water-efficient future, while considering interrelated issues such as plastic waste and climate change

  • Creation of a sustainable circular economy 


Eligibility Criteria

  • Adult, 18 and over

  • Available to work in-person in Delhi for at least the first four weeks

  • Willingness to learn

  • Organizational skills and flexibility

  • Have a deep desire to make the earth a better place for all living beings

Some examples of projects include:

Project 1:

Urban Renewal Through Circular Economy
Transforming the famous Pakodewali Market (Sarojini Nagar Mini Market) using circular economy principles.

  • Urban furniture

  • Manure from food waste

  • Dona (bowls) from onion and potato peels

  • Dustbins

  • Recycling motor oil, automobile waste

Project 2:
Toilet Mapping and Rating Through the BasicShit App ​

  • Build awareness about water efficient and user-friendly toilets by exposing gaps in public facilities and waste management

  • Get influencers to review public toilets (video content)

Other projects include:

  • Marketing and sale of BasicShit commercial products made from plastic waste

  • Fundraising and chasing donor leads 

  • Social media and content creation

BasicShit does not discriminate on the basis of sex, gender, caste, sexuality, physical or learning disabilities, or marital status. For any questions about the fellowship or the application process, please contact us at

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